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Workshop: Afrontar las crisis desde América Latina: Autoritarismo en Democracia, Perspectivas transregionales e históricas sobre espacios en disputa

workshop authoritarianism in democracy
Alke Jenss, Fabricio Rodríguez

The Platform for Dialogue Authoritarianism in Democracy which took place in Mexico in September 2022 scholars invited by Alke Jenss, Fabricio Rodríguez and Javier Alemán analysed the relation between the crisis of democracy in Latin America and the adaptation and privatization policies of the last three decades from a transregional perspective. The workshop aimed at being a space of dialogue and reflexion about the convergence between authoritarian and democratic practices and their scalar reach for different perspectivies and between disciplines such as political science, geography, sociology and global history. The workshop also took the stance that to analyze authoritarian practices, we need to know more about the strategies of social movements and non-state actors, frequently organizing across national borders to confront the diverse strategies of authoritarianism. The workshop was funded by the Centre for Advanced Latin American Studies (CALAS) Merian Centre.

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CALAS, Hauptsitz Guadalajara - Auditorium Rosario Castellanos, Mexiko