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relief of topography of central america with country names

Fantasies of Flows and Containment

With a focus on security infrastructures in Mexico and the Mesoamerican Project, a massive transnational infrastructure plan, Alke Jenss shows in Antipode (2023) how security and trade infrastructures become intertwined in what governments have called a “secure trade corridor” between Colombia and the United States.

Authoritarian Power and Contestation Beyond the State

Authoritarian power and contestation beyond the state, Globalizations, 2023. This special issue is an invitation to combine critical approaches to the study of authoritarian power by paying attention to spaces of contestation, authoritarian practices, as well as non-state actors and agency below and beyond the scale of the state.
image of electrical connections

Prefiguring Politics

Prefiguring politics: transregional energy infrastructures as a lens for the study of authoritarian practices, Globalizations, 2023 by Benjamin Schuetze and Alke Jenss. This article builds on technopolitics and the recent practice-turn in research on authoritarian power to study the political effects of transnational energy infrastructures.
windpower turbines in Oaxaca, Mexico

Gobernanza de la expansión

Infraestructuras Transnacionales de Energía en América Latina. Perfiles Latinoamericanos 29(58):1-27. This spanish language article links critical political economy analysis and political ecology with logistics literature to study disputed (energy) infrastructure expansions.