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The Tunisia-Italy Electricity Connection

Submitted by sysfl on
Within the scope of the planned MEDRING electricity grid, this project focuses on sites within Tunisia. The project analyzes who will actually benefit from the planned upscaled energy production, what perception of the project the local population has, and how the energy infrastructure may affect the local fishing economy. In a tense political frame, where Tunisia must respect the IMF guidelines, energy infrastructure can be a prism to address questions of governance, democracy, authoritarianism, and social claims.

SIEPAC Central American Energy Transmission

Submitted by sysfl on
The project analyzes sites of infrastructure expansion part of SIEPAC, the transnational electricity line connecting Central America and Mexico. The project focuses on sites in Costa Rica and Mexico.

SIEPAC, in operation since 2014, is the electricity component of the Mesoamerican Project, a giant infrastructure plan between Mexico, Central America and Colombia. Funded by the Inter-American Development Bank and others, it has a capacity of 300 MW. Around SIEPAC, energy generation projects (dams, wind farms, mines) have multiplied, but are highly contested and frequently conflictive.